Earn 100 marks with Tree Plantation! Teachers DOUBLE their present salary as GURUDAKSHINA!

I consume Oxygen from nature at the rate of 2.6 Kg to 2.8 Kg per day. I understand that I am not able to return the same to nature. Hence, I am taking this Membership so that I can return the Oxygen used by me to nature.

After my registration for Membership I shall personally carrying out/support/implement the following things for my country :

  • Carry out Plantation myself and through my son/daughter to help nature and benefits my generations to come.
  • Increase plantation/agriculture/ horticulture in India so that 60% of the waste lands can be converted for cultivation purpose.
  • Help increase ground water by Tree Plantation.
  • Help increase quantum and balance of rain due to trees.
  • Students will be introduced to Agriculture/Horticulture right from their childhood.
  • Percentage of agriculture will increase.
  • If various products are cultivated in small segments or clusters, the diseases or clusters, diseases can be controlled effectively. Organic cultivation is possible in this way.
  • Tree Plantation will strengthen School's Income and also the quality of education.
  • Corporate’s will get 100% Tax benefit on Donation.
  • Government needs to divert the funds presently given for Plantation to Municipal Councils and Grampanchayats.
  • If the subject's Agriculture / Horticulture is made compulsory from Standard 1 to 10, local farmers will get additional income for training children on their lands.
  • Pollution and temperature in cities can be brought down by 1% to 2% within 3 months.
  • Approximately 92 million children will be carrying out plantation in India and this number will rise constantly.

1. Students will get marks for doing Plantation.

2. Teachers will check Plantation and then give marks.

3. School will give Travelling Charges & Incentive to Teacher.

4. School will get grant from NGO or Govt. for doing Plantation through Student.

5. Government will divert funds which are presently given to Municipal Corporations, Municipal Councils and Grampanchayats for Plantation drive.

6. City Student will plant 5 Black Leaf Basil Plant or Subja Plant in Pot (Kundi).

7. Rural Students will carry out large Tree plantation where theycan water the plants on a daily basis.

8. Corporate will give 2% of their turnover to to NGO who will then distribute these to schools according to the number of trees planted and preserved.

About Treeplant for me


We are planting trees through students, with an aim for natural balance of environment and for better health for future generations.


  • Inculcate habit of planting trees among school children
  • We are a Non - profit organization
  • Strive for tree plantation and related activities
  • To preserve and propagate Green Revolution
  • Maximize tree plantation with minimum expenses
  • Create facilities for tree plantation
  • Propagate implementation of Rain Water Harvesting

The concept is to provide momentum to TREE PLANTATION across the Nation. With growing number of trees, we will be able to restore environmental balance. This is most important as more number of trees also mean more precipitation and hence more agricultural productivity.

TREE PLANT FOR ME is a Non PROFIT organization willing to exert, so that our country should never be in the midst of a disaster due to water shortage.

The concept is very simple and has certain acknowledge based thoughts behind the same.

These are in short:

  • Children will plant trees for marks.
  • Parents are unable to plant trees alongside their profession but they will support their children for plantation as he /she will get marks for the same.
  • Anyone can become a Member by Regisering on the Website with his/her Mobile number, E-mail ID, Postal address and Landline Telephone number.

Firstly the students have to plant trees in the school campus or at other convenient place and the same can be checked at the end of an academic session. They will receive marks based on their performance in maintaining the trees. Students from class 1st to 10th will participate.

Citizens above the age of 18 years can become active members of the group and share their expertise/time/efforts or communicate with schools and become Ambassador of the group.

Corporate can provide sponsorship. We shall make efforts to create a tie up between the schools and the corporates. Thus, we shall be able to implement the project through their sponsorship enumerating results and effectiveness of sponsorship.

We earnestly request the Government to draft an Act under the Educational system wherein every student will be provided an opportunity to enhance his/her performance as marks will be awarded for care and maintenance of the trees planted by them. The NGOs that would be interested in implementing such initiatives will be provided all assistance in the same and we shall also help them in their target missions.

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